Main Office
8849 W. Wyoming Avenue
Rathdrum,ID 83858
(208) 765-1144

Sandpoint Office
1000 Baldy Mountain Rd
PO Box 1113
Sandpoint, ID 83864
(208) 263-0538

Idaho Public Works
Contractor License
Unlimited 1-2-3

Idaho Contractor
Registration No. RCE-1593

Montana Contractor
Registration No. 150433

Washington L & I


Interstate Concrete & Asphalt will strive to provide the safest possible work environment for the benefit of our customers, agencies, contractors, and employees.  The goal is to make safety and job performance inseparable.  Interstate's commitment to safety is based on three Safety Core Values:

   Zero Fatalities
   Zero Incidents
   Employee Driven Safety Culture

Through this approach Interstate will attempt not to simply comply with federal and state safety standards, but to exceed the standards for the benefit of everyone working for and with our organization.  Some of the tools and programs utilized by company employees while at work and at home include:

TRACK - Review these steps with every new or repeat task

   Think through the task
   Recognize the hazards
   Assess the risks
   Control the hazard
   Keep safety first

JOBSITE - Perform full site safety assessment and remove or adjust hazards

   Job Assessment
   Overhead Hazards
   Backing Safely
   Spotters Available
   Incidental Ground Hazards
   Traffic - Foot, Vehicles, & Equipment
   Entrances Marked & Accessible

All employees that operate company-owned equipment, whether it is a super-dump or a pick-up truck, are required to participate in this extensive driver training program.